Founder: Maureen J. Warman, MPA, LMFT

Life Enhancement Series, Inc. is a professional organization dedicated to offering programs to individuals and groups who are seeking growth and enhancement in their personal and professional lives. LES identifies and responds to current issues of local and global significance by providing seminars, lectures, and interactive workshops. Participants are offered a broad range of ongoing diverse activities addressing topics such as: improving relationships, overcoming obstacles, resolving professional or creative challenges, and life enhancement.

Our mission is to create space for growth and personal insight, and make available information from reputable authors and teachers in the areas of human potential, self-improvement and spiritual renewal. Maureen is committed to this organization, based upon wholeness and personal empowerment.

Over the course of the years, LES has been honored to host such teachers as Dan Millman, Mark Victor Hansen, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Jean Houson, Caroline Myss, Dr. Emmett Miller, Steven Halpern, and Neale Donald Walsh. LES has also designed workshops on the local level, including:
Sexuality & Spirituality
Spiritually, ... Go Deeper
Finding Your Individual Self
The Energy of Money

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