Professional Coaching:
* Set and Meet Your Goals
* Meet Life's Challenges
* Address the Whole Self


My experiences as an entrepreneur over the last 30 years have allowed me to adapt to both past and current crisis and continually transform. Coaching not only teaches you how to revamp your professional life, but also helps balance personal growth while adapting to and coping with the ever changing times. Being at the forefront of how our business world will survive and knowing that the old paradigm is obsolete, I will support you in this transition and help you thrive.


I believe that a coaching relationship is collaborative. My belief is to address the whole self. I work with highly functioning individuals who seek solutions to specific problems. My goal is for clients to create a new life pattern.


As a coach, I prefer to ask perceptive questions as well as give advice. I will provide motivational strategies when needed along with constructive support. I believe a coach is a guide as well as a change agent.


Your part of the working relationship is to set goals, address the decisions you need to make to live your life, and then subsequently take actions on your new decisions. I am responsible for assessing your needs in coaching, applying what I have learned to best address these needs, and coaching you to take the power within you to make your life work.


Why you need a coach:

  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • Improve personal and business relationships
  • Improve culture in the workplace
  • Delegating to inspire the whole company
  • Work less and create more time for innovation
  • Make real and positive changes
  • Fine more fun and enjoyment
  • Create more balance
  • Achieve a sense of fulfillment at work and in your life‚Äč
  • Find and live your life's purpose

Education and Coach Training:

  • University of Kentucky - Bachelor of Arts in Social Work
  • Kentucky State University - Master of Public Affairs
  • National Association of Social Workers, Inc. - Life Coaching for Social Workers: Materials & Strategies
  • Valencia Community College - Therapist as Coach: Jungian Depth Coaching
  • Valencia Community College - The Business of Private Practice
  • I Can Do It Conferences

Coaching Fee: $185 


Maureen has been my life coach for over 8 years. Her approach to building and developing life skills is extremely positive. She has worked with me to recognize and understand my state of knowing; by trusting that instinct, I have very positively improved my personal and professional relationships. Her guidance over the years has been invaluable in my career development and has helped me maintain and improve a positive life and work balance.
Todd B.


I am privileged to have Maureen as my Life Coach/Business Coach. She has been instrumental in the creation of my own law practice. Created during the recession, it is thriving financially. As a wife and working mother with two young children, Maureen’s insight and support have been invaluable in helping me attain work/life balance. Maureen assists me in finding my own truth and my own path. Her business knowledge and personal business experience have helped me develop a successful business plan. She is a very loving and honest individual, committed to others’ spiritual growth and development. My family, friends, clients and associates have directly benefited from Maureen’s positive influence in my life, as I am happier and more fulfilled. Maureen helped me realize it was all possible!
Heather K.


I originally saw  Maureen 15 years ago when I was going through a divorce. I decided to remain a client and have been since then and have been seeing her every three weeks this year. I call her my Life Coach. I find her advice to be very valuable in helping me deal with emotional issues in my work and personal life. She has most recently coached me in finding a life partner. I think my current girlfriend may be the relationship one looks for over a life time. I consider Maureen to be a friend and would highly recommend her.
Bruce W.

The life coaching experience for me has been a collaborative one which has allowed me to move past my own barriers to begin to understand and achieve what I truly want in my career, academic and personal life. Life coaching has made a huge difference for me in my business life. I have a new voice that has helped me attain the success I desired and the confidence to stretch myself to do and be more.
Candace E.

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