Welcome from Maureen J. Warman, MPA, LMFT

I believe human beings are wondrously made with thoughts, feelings, and spirits that can either help or hinder them from meeting life's challenges. I am willing to explore with you how these aspects may be helping or harming your ability to achieve mental health.

I believe that a counseling relationship is collaborative. My belief is to address the whole self. Using a more direct approach, such as teaching new tools, giving homework, and answering client questions about life, completes the psychotherapy process. My goal is for clients to create a new life style.

I define mental health as:

  • the ability to be honest with oneself and others
  • to take responsibility for self and the tasks of life
  • to have a sense of humor
  • to engage in meaningful, satisfying relationships, work and social activities


I work with people who:

  • are responsible for their part of the working relationship
  • take care of themselves between sessions
  • stay safe from harming themselves or others


I am responsible for:

  • assessing your needs in therapy
  • applying what I have learned to best address these needs
  • coaching you to take the power within you to make your life work
  • making recommendations of other resources to help you achieve your goals

I believe your part of the working relationship is:

  • to set goals
  • make decisions about how you will live your life
  • solve your problems
  • take actions on your new decisions


I have been in private practice since 1984. Prior to that, I was a practicing social worker in Kentucky and Florida in the public sector. In 1991, I was licensed in Florida as a Marriage and Family Therapist. My work includes psychotherapy with individuals, adolescents, couples, families, and groups.

Fee: $160 / hour

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